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Pilates with Michelle​


Joseph Pilates (1881-1967) was born in Germany, where he began to develop an exercise system in the 1920s.  He was resolved

to strengthen his body and improve his health after a sickly childhood.  He had a background in yoga, Zen meditation and

martial arts and his exercises were innovative because they emphasized the harmony of mind and muscle.  He used mental

imagery to properly inform and initiate the movements.  In 1926 Pilates opened up a studio in New York City and in 1945 he

published Return to Life Through Contrology, which described his philosophy of exercise.  Some of his students began opening

studios of their own, making subtle adaptations to the method , and the word Pilates spread among the movement professions.

In the 1990s the mind-body fitness movement took off and Pilates became very popular.  

Alignment and imagery are key components of Pilates, which emphasizes a strong core.  Sweigards's zipper imagery is used in

activating the transversus abdominis muscle to this aim.  Sweigard herself many not have agreed with use of her image because

the effort is voluntary and not purely imaagistic. Pilates is a highly sophisticated form of exercise and uses imagery to create a

clear focus, modulate the lever of effort and initiate movement during exercise. 


Created by professionals for professionals, The STOTT PILATES repertoire consists of more than 500 systematic mat and

equipment-based exercises, including unique preparatory, essential, intermediate and advanced level workouts, as well as

balanced exercise sequences and modifications to address special populations.

Respected by fitness and health practitioners worldwide, STOTT PILATES mind-body exercise builds on the essence and

principles of the late Joseph H. Pilates' work by incorporating modern knowledge about the body.  The aim of STOTT PILATES is:

optimal musculoskeletal performance- strength, flexibility and endurance- without risking injury or building bulk.  With a focus

on core stability, including the pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization, neutral alignment and breathing,  STOTT PILATES also

helps restore the natural curves of the spine, relieve tension and enhance self-confidence.  The result: a balanced and aligned

body that looks fit, feels revitalized and moves with ease- important goals for everyone, whether you are a rehab patient or an

elite athlete.